Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Company

All about BOLT, and our BOLT token

What is BOLT?

BOLT is an ecosystem of services designed for the next 6 billion, with two existing products - BOLT+, an interactive media platform distributing curated experiences to users, and Pegasus, a gateway converting users' media experiences to monetary value. Read more about BOLT in our White Paper.

BOLT has launched BOLT+ on Web, iOS and Android, which comprises 40 live TV channels, 80 live radio channels, as well as coverage of sporting and entertainment moments. The coverage in 2019 on BOLT+ includes the Rugby World Cup, Cricket World Cup, Africa Cup of Nations, Tour de France, Copa America and the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Users also get to enjoy match highlights from their favourite football leagues including the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League. We also have curated content across popular genres like Korea and inspirational Profiles.

We have launched Pegasus on Android, and are pending approval for the iOS launch.

What is BOLT's vision, mission and core values?

Our vision: 
An inclusive economy powered by the world's stories.

Our mission:
We're opening up the power of information to all

Our core values:
1. Do things with purpose
2. Practice extraordinary compassion
3. Move as a team
4. Be radically positive
5. Have great resilience

How did BOLT integrate blockchain into the media ecosystem?

The BOLT token is a crucial glue of the entire BOLT ecosystem which includes BOLT+ and Pegasus. It allows us to engage users in a more interactive and value-driven way without having to go through multiple billing gateways in local markets. It also allows us to scale our ecosystem where user activity on BOLT+ can be tokenised and redeemed for other items of value, such as mobile data plan top-ups. We have spent the last year and a half building up scalable tech architecture, acquiring users across multiple sporting events, and shipping our products across the iOS, Android and Web platforms. Our first BOLT token utility case, Stake, will soon be live. This will be the first use case with many more to come.

What is the utility of BOLT tokens?

Here are some of the existing and upcoming use cases of the BOLT token:

1. Wallet/Storage – store, send and receive your BOLT tokens.

2. Gameplay – earn BOLT tokens through BOLT Stake, an upcoming game in BOLT+, and BOLT Gameshows, an upcoming live quiz show on BOLT+ where users can be rewarded for their game or sport knowledge.

3. Redemption – unlock discounts and rewards from our partners on Pegasus

4. Content – reward content creators directly for their content or unlock premium content affiliated by our partners on BOLT+

5. Charity – donate tokens to our affiliated charities on BOLT+.

Can you elaborate on BOLT's tokenomics?

40% (400,000,000 BOLT Tokens) - allocated to the Token Generation Event.

15% (150,000,000 BOLT Tokens) - allocated for BOLT research.

20% (200,000,000 BOLT Tokens) - reserved to bring onboard our Strategic & Content Partners into our ecosystem.

20% (200,000,000 BOLT Tokens) - reserved for the BOLT team responsible for the initial vision, design, implementation and roll-out of BOLT.

5% (50,000,000 BOLT Tokens) - allocated as rewards for BOLT Community Contributors.

For more details, please see our White Paper.

How did BOLT determine the initial value of the token in the first ICO?

We arrived at the value after working out the amount of resources to be raised and the anticipated number of tokens required for utility.

Where can I buy the BOLT token?

The BOLT token is available on  Binance DEX, BitMax, and KuCoin, with trading pairs across BTC, USDT, BNB and BTCB.

Will BOLT list its token on more exchanges?

We are always talking to other exchanges. If listings are confirmed, we will announce them through official channels.

How do I keep up with what’s happening at BOLT?

You can subscribe to our email newsletters, read our articles on Medium, or join our Telegram community for real-time conversations moderated by our community managers.

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An interactive media platform, distributing curated media experiences to users.

What is BOLT+?

BOLT+ is an interactive media platform distributing curated experiences to more than 3 million global users. A core product of the BOLT ecosystem, BOLT+ focuses on providing access to high quality sports and entertainment moments as well as live TV and radio content on a low data bandwidth.

Download BOLT+

Where can I access BOLT+?

You can download the BOLT+ app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store or you can stream the content in-browser here.

How do I sign up for BOLT+?

Signing up on the BOLT+ mobile app is free, via your mobile number or Facebook account. If your country is not included on the list of available countries for mobile sign-ups, please sign up with your Facebook account. We are working on getting every country on our service.

What content can I watch on BOLT+?

New content is added to BOLT+ every single day! You can catch all your favourite live TV channels (including ChannelNewsAsia, Al Jazeera, NTV and NHK World). For the sports fanatics, football highlights and match replays are available from the top football leagues in the world including the UEFA Champions League and the English Premier League. 

Download the BOLT+

How do I find my favourite content on BOLT+?

To find content that suits you, click on the spheres on the top row of the BOLT+ app and scroll to the right to find the content that you are interested in. For live TV and Radio channels, click on the respective “TV” and “Radio” buttons on the bottom row of the BOLT+ app. From there, you can scroll through the list of channels and select the channel that will best keep you entertained.

Why can't I play or stream videos on BOLT+?

If you are not able to play or stream videos on BOLT+, do check your internet connection stability - either your WiFi or internet mobile connection.

How is BOLT+ different from other media streaming platforms?

BOLT+ aims to serve premium short content to users in the developing and emerging markets on mobile. There are almost 6 billion people globally who have been left out of the information highway by mainstream media models. It is our mission to reconnect them via our service and build a global community. Read more in our White Paper.

Aside from curated content, will BOLT+ host user-created content in the near term?

Yes, we are in the process of developing a partner portal where users can submit content to be considered for publishing on BOLT+. If their content gets published, we will link up their respective wallet addresses and employ a smart contract mechanism where users can be paid in BOLT tokens depending on the validated views their video gets. We have already written these smart contracts, but would need some time to develop the partner portal. We foresee testing the partner portal with a small batch of content creators at the end of this year and hope to launch it in early 2020.

What is Stake?

Stake is an upcoming gamification feature in BOLT+ that will allow users to play and win BOLT tokens by correctly answering questions and predicting the outcome of sports matches. It will also be the first use case for the Pegasus wallet, marrying BOLT’s two apps together. Stake is our latest effort to increase user engagement to BOLT+ and Pegasus users, and bring value to those who believe in us and our tokens. More detailed instructions on how to use Stake to come...

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Pegasus is a gateway that converts users' media experiences into monetary value.

What is Pegasus?

Pegasus is a gateway that converts a user's media experience into monetary value. Pegasus is currently available on Android and is awaiting approval from Apple for the iOS platform. 

Download Pegasus

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The BOLT Team

Covering our founders, employees and offices

Who are the founders of BOLT?

Our founders Jamal Hassim and Christel Quek met in 2015, coming from two completely different backgrounds but with a common goal to utilise their respective expertise to create an ecosystem that would not only rebuild trust in the media but also reward users and improve lives.

Before BOLT, Jamal was the Chief Operating Officer of SPH Mediaworks in Singapore, where he launched and operated Singapore’s first private terrestrial television and radio station for Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). He also founded, operated and successfully executed a television and radio network in Malaysia. BOLT is his fourth venture.

Meanwhile, Christel is a technology executive who has built brands and digital businesses since the advent of the digital economy. Before BOLT, she was Head of Content at Twitter and led Social Business for Samsung Asia. She was selected by The Guardian as one of the top 10 global digital strategists, Campaign Asia-Pacific as a Woman to Watch, and Business Insider as one of the 30 best executives to follow on Twitter, and most recently Forbes 30 Under 30. She is presently also an advisor to Zilliqa, a next-generation high throughput blockchain platform, and Switcheo, the world’s first multi-chain decentralised exchange.

Who are the core team members of BOLT?

BOLT is run by a proven network of digital strategists, venture builders and media veterans from some of the biggest companies in the world including Facebook, Coca-Cola, PayPal, Samsung, and Twitter. 

We have over 30 full-time staff across 15 nationalities. The team roster is available here.

Where is the BOLT team based in?

BOLT is headquartered in London, with offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

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BOLT Performance

Covering business performance and revenue

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BOLT Partnerships

Covering advertising, sponsorships and content creators

Where can I find a list of BOLT's business partners?

BOLT has partnered with/is partnering with the following:

Hisense, Digi, Maxis, Smartfren, Helo, Al-Jazeera, Trace, Binance, BitMax, Switcheo, vodi, Payfo, International Cricket Council, Xendpay, and more.

Who are your partners on blockchain?

BOLT is a BEP-2 token supported by the following exchanges: Binance DEX, BitMax, and KuCoin.

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BOLT Marketing

Covering media, publicity and external communication

How does BOLT intend to increase public awareness of BOLT?

We have an in-house marketing team working on increasing the public’s and industry’s awareness of BOLT. We also plan to hire agencies for specific partnerships related to the growth of BOLT and its utility. 

Where can I read about BOLT in the media?

We have had a substantial amount of coverage in the last 6 months alone and in both mainstream and crypto media such as CNN, Forbes, The Independent, Sky News, CoinTelegraph and more.

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